Sept. 17, 1923 — Hank Williams is born in Mount Olive, Ala.

1938 — Hank forms the first of his Drifting Cowboys bands

December 1944 — Hank and Audrey Mae Sheppard get married

1946 — Hank and Audrey visit Nashville to meet publisher Fred Rose

1947 — Hank signs with MGM

Fall 1947 — Hank’s first release, “Move It On Over,” is a hit

August 1948 — Hank moves to Shreveport, La., to work on radio show “The Louisiana Hayride”

1949 — Hank’s “Honky Tonkin’” makes the charts

May 1949 — Hank’s “Lovesick Blues” reaches No. 1 and stays for 16 weeks

June 1949 — Hank moves to Nashville; is hired by the “Grand Ole Opry”

Spring 1950 — “Long Gone Lonesome Blues” is successful

1951 — Hank’s drinking problem, marital issues and spinal pain begin to worsen

December 1951 — Hank undergoes operation for his spine

1952 — Audrey and Hank separate; “Grand Ole Opry” fires Hank, who moves back to Alabama

September 1952 — Hank moves back to Shreveport to again work on “The Louisiana Hayride”

October 1952 — Hank marries Billie Jean Jones Eshliman

December 1952 — “Jambalaya” reaches No. 1

Dec. 30, 1952
— Hank leaves for bookings in West Virginia and Ohio

Jan. 1, 1953 — Hank is pronounced dead in Oak Hill, W. Va.

SOURCES: Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum; Tennessean archives